Extreme Biking in the Valleys & 2019 Events

Are you looking for somewhere calm and tranquil in between your biking adventures?

Please come and stay with us book online www.ourwelsh.co.uk  or visit Facebook 

Access 250m off the Sustrans Celtic rail East Route 4 Chepstow to St Davids

Are you looking for Adventure and Challenge?Vitus Dragon Ride 

previously known as the Dragon Race, Wiggle Race and L’Etape Wales 4 cycle courses

The evolution of the event has always had the spirit of Wales at its heart combined with a true passion for cycling. The four different route options showcase incredible scenery, and allow riders to experience the wild and rugged beauty of the Welsh landscapes from sweeping descents to challenging climbs

Maps here 

Review: 2016 Slaying my own personal dragon

Daily adventures also available at:

Darren Fawr MTB trails in the next Valley read about it here Garw Valley Bike Trail 8.5 miles from us

Afan Forest MTB trails 18 miles from us

Bike Park Wales if you like a downhill challenge 18.5 miles from us

All your cycling needs and accessories within reach at Ride Bike Wales

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